Fall TV Preview

The summer begins to wind down and it hasn’t felt like an offseason as far as television goes. Game of Thrones dominated the whole summer as well as surprise hits such as GLOW, Castlevania, American Gods, to name a few.

It’s that time of year again as the fall rush of TV is about to hit us with the usual suspects and newcomers. Here’s some of the heavy hitters.

Stranger Things

When: October 27th

Last year’s surprise smash hit returns for a sophomore season. A year has passed since Will has returned home to Hawkins, IN from his trip to the upside down. Eleven is still off the grid. What lies ahead for Mike and his friends…? Stock up on candy, folks. Nobody’s going trick or treating.

The Good Place

When: September 20th

The best new sitcom of last year capped off it’s first season with one insane cliffhanger. (Do not watch the above video, Spoilers LOL) Eleanor (Kristen Bell) gets transported to the “Good Place” but she struggles to fit into their world. It’s a whimsical, smart and hilarious look at the afterlife. If you haven’t seen season 1, it’s on Netflix right now. Seriously, go. It’s so forkin’ good.

The Flash

When: October 10th

Barry Allen has atoned for his sins. After leaving Central City behind to go into the speed force as penance for his meddling with the timeline (Flashpoint). Iris, Cisco and the rest of the gang tries to move on without the Fastest Man Alive. Season 3 was an uneven season that played it safe. This looks to be an apology for that, expect the brighter, whimsical tone to return.


When: October 12th

Just as the Flash lost a step. Arrow came roaring back with authority with a back to basics season 5. It’s heading into season 6 off the heels of what was the absolute best episode of the series with it’s season 5 finale which brought Oliver Queen’s 5 year crusade full circle. Who has survived the explosion on Lian Yu? and what will be left of Team Arrow in the wake of last season’s end?

DCs Legends of Tomorrow

When: October 10th

Sara Lance and the gang took a giant leap forward with a fantastic second season. Legends has cemented itself as the Doctor Who of the Arrow-verse. Expect more of the same with more time travel, new time periods and of course the dysfunctional family dynamics aboard the WaveRider.

The Punisher

When: …2017

Spinning out of Daredevil S2. Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher, grabs the spotlight for his solo outing. Expect gunfights, bloodshed, pathos and of course some insight to what makes Frank Castle tick. Karen Page (Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll) returns as well as a new supporting cast. One batch. Two batch. Penny and dime. (Sidebar: It wouldn’t surprise me if Netflix pulls a Beyoncé and drops the whole season at a moment’s notice)

This is Us

When: September 26th

Consider me officially onboard. I spent the summer catching up on the first season. It’s as poignant and heartfelt as they come. This Is Us, which had a great night at the Emmys, returns for it’s sophomore season. Grab some tissues. Trust me on that.

The Walking Dead

When: October 22nd

After a rather turgid, disappointing season 7. Rick and company have declared war on Negan. To say that season 8 has some high expectations on multiple levels would be a massive understatement because the season premiere also doubles as the series’ 100th episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

When: December 1st

As much as the Netflix shows get all the accolades, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. quietly improved over the years and it was at the top of it’s game in season 4. It broke up the season into bite-sized arcs that eventually coalesced and now the status quo got shaken up again as Coulson and the gang are sent off into space. Expect this to air later this year once Inhumans finishes it’s run. And to sweeten the pot, it’ll be uninterrupted starting December 1st with a two hour premiere.

Marvel’s Runaways

When: November 21st.

Every teenager thinks that their parents are evil…but what if they actually were? Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways has been flirting with the live-action realm for a long time now, At one point, there have been talks for a film, but over a year ago, Marvel decided to take this YA property to Hulu and it’s got a solid pedigree behind it with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (The O.C., Gossip Girl) bringing Gert, Alex, Nico, Chase, Karolina and Molly to life. So far, the buzz surrounding this is very, very promising.

The rest of the usual suspects:

Black-ish (Now on Tuesdays on ABC/City)

Supernatural (Thursdays on Space)

Narcos (Season 3 now streaming, Netflix)

The Mindy Project (Final season on Hulu, Tuesdays)

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 4 now streaming, Netflix)












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