Great power…no responsibility

One of the many things that X-Men Origins: Wolverine got wrong was it’s portrayal of Wade Wilson, better known as the motormouth mutant mercenary, Deadpool. There was no red suit, no self-aware humor and shocking of all, his mouth was sewn shut!

Ryan Reynolds, who played Wade Wilson, has pushed for a Deadpool solo film for years. It all seemed to be a pipedream. Until one midsummer day in 2014…there was this video that has gone viral.

And just like that, The Merc with A Mouth broke the internet just as easily as he breaks the fourth wall and soon enough, the light turned green.

Deadpool is finally here!



Deadpool follows Wade Wilson (reprised by Ryan Reynolds), a mercenary who’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer, then a mysterious man gives him an opportunity by offering him a cure. He ends up with a disfigured face and healing powers that kill his cancer before it can grow.

Right off the bat, the opening credits are easily the best opening credits I’ve seen in a long time. It set the tone that this is a different Marvel film than we’ve seen in the past and it’s separating itself from that Wolverine film.

The movie wears it’s hard R rating proudly on it’s sleeve. There’s a lot graphic violence, plenty of nudity and of course, colorful language. It’s not for kids.

Ryan Reynolds nailed Deadpool. There’s no other way to say it. He knows the character inside and out from the suit to his self-aware sense of humor. Speaking of the humor, the writing is awesome. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) wrote a hilarious script, they really captured the essence of the character. The supporting cast is excellent as well. Wade’s chemistry with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is electric. “Your crazy matches my crazy” and it gives the story some balance from the mayhem. I bought into their romance and it gave Deadpool heart.


Weasel (TJ Miller) is also terrific. His exchanges with Wade are another highlight. Colossus, a well-known X-Man, appears as well as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and it features probably the best Stan Lee cameo ever. It brings me back to Wade. Wade breaks the fourth wall a lot in this movie. He acknowledges that he’s a character and he invites the audience into his world and his twisted commentary on the genre as a whole.”Make sure the suit isn’t green…or animated!”. The script is chock full of easter eggs which is true to character and some of them are brilliant.

The action is also great. The 12 bullets set-piece is a standout and I was very impressed that Deadpool was able to create fun set-pieces on a lower budget. The film’s blend of action and laughs is potent. My only gripe is the villains. Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano) aren’t as fleshed out as the lead character. This is an origin story, of course, I would’ve loved to see more backstory on them.

It took an act of congress to get this film made and I’m very happy that it lived up to it’s promise. Deadpool will grab you by the throat and take you on one wild ride. Thrilling, hilarious action, a hard R rating and winning performances from everyone. Especially Ryan Reynolds. It’s a sick labor of love. Deadpool is a film made by fans, for fans. Go see it… and don’t forget your brown pants 😉


NB: Do stick around for a post credits surprise, too



  1. Debi · February 14, 2016

    Do you suppose Ikea paid for the press?

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