End of the line

I’ve come to the end of Frank Miller’s run of Daredevil. What a run it was.

If you’ve been living under a rock. click here to see my review for Vol.1 and here for Vol.2

The last stretch of issues is quite something. Foggy Nelson takes the spotlight in “Guts” where he goes undercover to get into the Kingpin’s crew. It’s refreshing to see Matt take a backseat for once. In fact, the B-story here is Matt’s relationship with Heather Glenn. Back in the “Child’s Play” story arc (#182-184), Matt popped the question to Heather, who has been acting hesitant to give him an answer.

Matt Foggy panel

Drowning in the noise

Issues #186-190 are a non-stop ride. With his marriage plans are in limbo, Daredevil’s radar sense has been acting haywire. He turns to his old mentor, Stick for help. Meanwhile, the Black Widow returns to Hell’s Kitchen and she crosses paths with the Hand. Little do they know that the Hand have plans to resurrect a former member…Elektra!


Guns don’t kill people

The highlight of this run is “Roulette”. Daredevil is alone with an incapacitated Bullseye and they play a game of Russian Roulette. A young kid, Chuckie becomes enamoured by Daredevil after watching a TV taping of Bullseye’s interview. It’s a dramatic, psychologically gripping self-examination of the effects Daredevil has on people and it deepens the hatred he harbors for Bullseye.

Another standout in this collection is Daredevil: Love and War. The art style is a striking contrast from the previous stories. It really exaggerates the Kingpin’s size, for example. It has a very pseudo-gothic style. It’s a showcase of Bill Sienkiewicz’s skills. It’s a solid Kingpin story where his love for Vanessa is front and center.

It’s another strong collection from Miller. He took a B-level character and made him one of Marvel’s top heroes. I’m grateful to have read it.



Next time…



  1. jennabee25 · January 29, 2016

    I adore Frank Miller’s run with Daredevil. “Roulette” is fantastic!


    • maganyusuf · January 30, 2016

      It is! Child’s Play is a highlight. As well as the Elektra story arc


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