Hell’s Kitchen ain’t a bad place to be.

I know it’s been a while since my last post. Been packing boxes all last week but I’ve made it to my new place. Let’s hit the ground running.

I’m in the middle of Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil. This second collection of stories is truly something special. Let me get you up to speed. Elektra, Matt’s old college flame, has come crashing back into his life. Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime comes out of retirement to save his wife, Vanessa and Bullseye’s obsession with Daredevil intensifies.

I’m gonna go into details with some of the stories that stood out. Issue #169 “Devils” (in the previous volume) marked the return of Bullseye. In that story, Bullseye, still obsessing over his defeat to Daredevil, was suffering from a brain tumor. A conflicted Murdock had a real moral dilemma, should he save Bullseye or let him die? He went with the former and the issue ended with these words:

“Gentlemen, the operation is a success. The patient will live.”

Which has led to this…

DD #181.jpg

Who will survive…what will be left of them?

“Last Hand” is amazing. Bullseye escapes from prison intent on revenge and it put him on a collision course with Elektra, who’s already been hired by the Kingpin to assassinate Matt’s best friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson. The Elektra/Bullseye fight was incredible. The artwork was intense and in-your-face and it felt very life-or-death and it made the Daredevil/Bullseye feud just as personal, if not more, than Daredevil/Kingpin.

The “Child’s Play” storyline is a ideologically contrasting story arc. It’s the first meeting between Daredevil and The Punisher. A supply of Angel Dust, a deadly drug has spread into a school and Mary, a schoolgirl, had died. Billy, her brother, decides to take the law into his own hands to find the men responsible for killing his sister. The first meeting was everything I hoped it would be. The only common ground that Daredevil and Punisher have is to rid Hell’s Kitchen of crime, but they have totally different attitudes towards it. Punisher has a binary view on crime whereas Daredevil believes in the justice system. Miller used a real-life scenario and used two superheroes representing both sides of the coin, it’s a fascinating dynamic.DD #183


I’m aching to get back into this run. Recommended reading for fans.


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