The hunt continues…

Previously on Daredevil…

The hunt for the Omega Drive is quickly reaching a fever pitch. Ol’ Hornhead has become a marked man by Megacrime. who want to get their hands on it. Including Matt’s part-time ally/enemy Frank Castle, better known as…The Punisher!

Volume 3 features the crossover event The Omega Effect. It spans three issues from Avenging Spider-Man #6, Punisher #10 and Daredevil #11.  This storyline is told through three different perspectives. Spider-Man’s POV issue is hilarious, he’s the glue that holds the fragile Daredevil/Punisher alliance together. In Punisher’s POV issue, he’s brought a new protege Rachel Cole-Alves, who went down the same path that Frank did.

“Because Daredevil aka attorney Matt Murdock–has the worst kept secret identity since Hannah Montana”

It culminates into an epic fight against every top crime syndicate in Grand Central Station which continues in Daredevil’s POV issue. The artwork is just plain gorgeous. The Daredevil/Punisher dynamic is fascinating, they have polar opposite views towards crime. Matt still believes in the justice system whereas Frank has no respect for the law. Matt, at this point, is past the point of saving Frank from himself. He sees Rachel as an opportunity to keep her from following Frank’s footsteps. It’s another wrinkle to this intense rivalry.

Another great read by Waid.


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