Horse in a stable

School is back in session this week. It was rather short. Aside from Labor Day and Orientation for first-year students. I began in earnest on Thursday.

Today hasn’t been especially good from a productivity standpoint. I had other things to do such as getting safety glasses and I had a bit of a face-meets-palm moment with my locker, I left my keys in the locker along with everything else. Thankfully, I didn’t lose anything but it was an annoyance. So I had to get another lock after buying one the day before.

Aside from that, I was intent on hitting the ground running today. It was one of those days where you want things to work out how you want them to but they don’t. It’s not easy shaking off classroom rust after being gone for almost four months. I’ve got three classes, while it may not seem like much. It’s gonna be a lot of after hours labs, homework and studying. I’ve got one more semester after this one before I graduate. I’ve come too far to fail now. I’m not gonna let that happen. My classmates from the last couple years have graduated and now I’m the only one that didn’t. I refuse to let today cripple my resolve. I. will. graduate this year.

Happy Friday, everyone…what’s left of it, that is.

If you’ll excuse me, I hear Metal Gear Solid V calling me…


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