Along came a Spider in Hell’s Kitchen

Now that Waid has proven himself with his lighthearted take of The Man Without Fear. We last saw Matt gaining possession of the Omega Drive and he’s become a marked man. Hydra, A.I.M., Agencé Bynzantium, the Secret Empire and Black Spectre all want to get their hands on it and no one’s safe…

On a lighter note, Daredevil, vol.2 kicks off with Matt in the holiday spirit and he’s chaperoning a group of kids. Until, Mother Nature decides to rear her head and the bus had crashed. Now, Matt has to lead the kids to safety during a snowstorm and here’s the kicker…he can’t “see” in snow. The snowstorm has taken it’s toll on his signature radar sense. I found it to be a clever man vs nature story. There’s also a hilarious moment during Matt and Foggy’s X-Mas party where Matt makes a bold fashion statement…

The life of the party!

The life of the party!

The highlight of this collection is the Daredevil/Spider-Man team-up. Vol.2 also features Amazing Spider-Man #677 where the Web-slinger and Hornhead join forces to clear Felicia Hardy/Black Cat’s name who’s been framed for stealing a piece of cutting edge technology from Horizon Labs where Peter works.

Caught up in the web...

Caught up in the web…

Whenever I think I’ve had an uphill battle, I remember Matt Murdock.

It continues for another issue when Daredevil, Spidey and Black Cat decide to get to the bottom of this case of mistaken identity. It also leads to a potential Daredevil/Black Cat romance… much to Spider-Man’s dismay.

I think this is my super villain origin.

Tragedy strikes when Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s grave is stolen by Mole Man. This two-issue storyline leads Matt to go underground to save his dad’s grave. Above ground, Black Cat decides to steal the Omega Drive from Matt’s apartment. The hunt for the Omega Drive continues to heat up by the end.

Waid and Rivera deliver another fun, charming collection of Daredevil. It gets better and better each time. If Waid continues to deliver, he could very well be mentioned in the same breath as Frank Miller and Brian Michael Bendis. Read it, folks.

Next time...

Next time…


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