Fall TV Preview

As summer begins to bleed out, the leaves begin to lose their color, pumpkin spiced everything and school is back in session. TV season is starting up again. From networks to cable to streaming services, the TV landscape has a little something for everyone. Expect the return of some of the usual suspects and the debut of some new kids on the block.

The Bastard Executioner

When: September 15th

Where: FX

What’s it about?: Kurt Sutter put a bloody exclamation point on Sons of Anarchy just nine months ago. He`s trading his kutte for a chain-mail vest with The Bastard Executioner, It’s set in the 14th century and it’s about a soldier serving under King Edward I who’s become tired of the strains of war and plans to walk away from the battlefield. However, tragedy forces him to take up arms again…as an executioner. It stars Katey Sagal (SOA, Futurama), Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and expect a recurring stint from Ed Sheeran, too.

The Mindy Project


When: September 15th

Where: Hulu/City TV

What’s it about?: The hilarious sitcom, created by and starring Mindy Kaling, flirted with near cancellation back in May. Mindy and co. are moving shop to Hulu!. New network, new season, will it be a new Mindy? One has to wonder if the writers will take advantage of the creative freedom Hulu will give them, Only time will tell…

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 


When: September 29th

Where: ABC

What’s it about?: AOS has been on a serious upswing recently. Last season became a game changer as it helped lay down the foundations for the MCU going forward by introducing the Inhumans. Now, with Skye harnessing her newfound powers. Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) has put together a new team called the Secret Warriors. With Captain America: Civil War in the pipeline. Are we gonna see the first draft of the Superhuman Registration Act? Let’s find out!

Lost Girl

Move over, Paris Hilton!

Move over, Paris Hilton!

When: September 6th

Where: Showcase

What’s it about?: In the supernatural genre where we’ve got vampires, walkers and werewolves. And then came a lovely succubus to spice things up. Not to mention that it’s made in Canada. Bo (Anna Silk) is back in the second half of the fifth and final season. Lost Girl gave the genre a jolt of fun in it’s five years on the air and I hope that it wraps up Bo’s journey nicely…If you’re the impatient type, the midseason premiere is available right now. Click here to unwrap that present early 🙂

Heroes: Reborn

When: September 24th

Where: NBC

What it’s about?: It’s a different world today and there’s no cheerleader. Heroes is back for a limited run of 13 episodes and it’ll focus on a new set of characters. Tim Kring will be returning as executive producer in this miniseries. Some of the original cast returns including Hiro (Masi Oka), Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) and Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman)



When: October 7th

Where: The CW

What’s it about?: After a topsy-turvy third season, the next season of Arrow looks to change everything. Ollie ended the previous season with these words “I want to be happy”. The show will have a much lighter tone in comparison to last season, thanks to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Flash. Ollie’s gonna get a new suit (seen above) which is very reminiscent of the New 52 and Starling City will get a new name. Star City and hot off the heels of Constantine getting cancelled. Matt Ryan will be returning, trenchcoat and all, as John Constantine in the new season. Look for more flashbacks from his five-year disappearance, as well.



The Flash

The Flash -- Image Number: FLA02_KeyArt.jpg -- Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash -- Photo: Nino Munoz/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Run, Barry, RUN!

When: October 6th

Where: The CW

What’s it about?: The Scarlet Speedster made a huge impression last season. The Arrow spinoff didn’t have any growing pains and it quickly became one of the hottest new shows on the air. With the last season introducing time travel and teasing multiple Flashes. Look for Jay Garrick and Wally West (Kid Flash!) to speed their way into Central City and of course the occasional crossover event with the Green Arrow!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones


When: Q4 2015

Where: Netflix

What’s it about?:  After Daredevil set the superhero genre on fire this year. Marvel’s next Netflix series in the Defenders line-up is on it’s way. This show follows Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter, Breaking Bad, Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt.23), a former Avenger-turned-private investigator suffering from PTSD, who’s solving crimes in Hell’s Kitchen and getting her P.I. firm off the ground. While Daredevil is seen as a crime drama, Jessica Jones is considered to be a psychological thriller. Expect it to go even darker than Daredevil did as it’s based on Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias (read his thoughts of the show here). There’s no release date yet, So look for it on Netflix before the end of the year.

The Walking Dead

When: October 11th

Where: AMC

What’s it about?: Rick, Daryl, Carol and the rest of the gang have once again found civilization in Alexandria. However, the return of Morgan and the arrival of a new faction called The Wolves complicate matters for the people of Alexandria. There’s a bit of a power struggle between Rick and Morgan over the direction of Alexandria. (sidebar: I still haven’t seen the season finale yet!). In the meantime, check out Fear The Walking Dead if you wanna get your walker fix.


When: September 22nd

Where: CBS

What’s it about?: A new series that is based on the 2011 film starring Bradley Cooper. It’s meant to be a sequel to the film where it follows Brian Finch, a man who discovers the mysterious drug called NZT-48 where it enhances the user’s IQ. It also features Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Scarface). Exec.produced by Bradley Cooper and he reprises his role from the film in a recurring stint.


When: October 26th

Where: CBS

What’s it about?: We’ve seen different takes of the Man of Steel on TV. Now, in a post-Smallville landscape, Supergirl will take the spotlight to show off her brand of Truth, Justice and The American Way. It’s created by Greg Berlanti (Arrow/The Flash). Also features a guest appearance from a former Superman, Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)

Minority Report

When: September 21st

Where: FOX

What’s it about?: Continuing the trend of TV/Film sequels. FOX returns to the world of Pre-Crime. It’s set in Washington D.C. in 2065 about 11 years after the Tom Cruise film. The Pre-Crime Unit has been shut down. It follows two brothers, Dash and Arthur, and their foster sister Agatha. Dash is a Pre-Cog who can predict crimes before they happen and they work with Detective Lara Vega to prevent them. It’s executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

The best of the rest:

Empire: 9/23

Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder (The Shonda Rhimes Cerberus dog of dramas): 9/24

Fresh off the Boat : 9/22

The Muppets: 9/22

black-ish: 9/23

Gotham: 9/21

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9/27

Supernatural: 10/7

Anything I missed? Looking forward to any of it?

Comment below 🙂


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