Brighter days ahead…

I’ve been gone for a minute so let’s get right into it.

Daredevil has been put the wringer throughout the years. He’s lost his dad, his loved ones and for a time, his sanity.

When Mark Waid took control of the character in 2011. He had this goal in mind: Make the Man without Fear fun again without losing what made him popular in the first place..

Daredevil, Vol.1 collects the first 6 issues of his current run which will come to an end this September. Tonally, it’s hearkening back to the Daredevil of days gone by. He’s more of a lovable rogue than the more popular brooding antihero that made Frank Miller an icon. While many have tried to duplicate his success, Brian Michael Bendis, in particular, is also acclaimed for building upon the foundations that Miller laid down in his run. It had gotten to the point where it became too depressing. So this change in attitude makes sense.

Fighting evil with a smile

Fighting evil with a smile

In this story, Matt returns to New York from his self-imposed exile, intent on moving forward with his life as a lawyer and a vigilante. But not everyone is willing to move on as his secret identity isn’t so “secret” anymore. His double life has been under the microscope by the media and the law for years at this point and it makes winning cases in the court harder than normal. Matt and Foggy have to defend an Arab man in trouble from someone. With Matt under scrutiny and with no way to prove the man’s innocence, he has to find another way to protect people in the courtroom.

The art style is awesome. it’s a far cry from Miller’s noir style and it’s especially eye-catching when Matt’s radar sense is on display. The cover itself is brilliant too. Great use of onomatopoeia which highlights Matt’s strong sense of sound. The imagery here is fantastic.

Rivera_DD1There’s also a cameo by Captain America and they have a brief fight in one of the issues, which was awesome.

Matt’s sunnier disposition has been called into question by his friends. One part in particular is when Foggy asks Matt why he’s so cheerful in spite of everything he’s been through. It’s a poignant moment that gets the message across clearly. It’s a new day for the Man without Fear and he’s ready to face everything with a smile. Waid made the Man without Fear a Man with Hope. He’s as good when he’s happy as he is when he’s sulking. Hell of a new beginning and a joy to read, too.


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