All it takes is a push

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge into reading comics. I’ve picked up Frank Miller’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear and Vol.1 of Mark Waid’s current run of the character.


I’ve gotten this on Amazon as a trade paperback. It compiles the five issue miniseries from 1993. Frank Miller was an instrumental part of putting the character on the map and saving it from near cancellation. Miller took everything about the character (swashbuckler character, adventurous, humorous tone) and erased it and in it’s place was a more grounded, morally ambiguous world. Daredevil was no longer a Spider-Man clone.

After watching the show twice. I can definitely appreciate the co-relation between them. Matt Murdock doesn’t wear the suit until the last page. Wilson Fisk gets some backstory, too. and he makes quite an entrance. Matt’s training with Stick is also in there and there’s a moment during the season where Stick is talking to a mysterious person about whether Matt is “ready for when the gate opens”

A sign of things to come...

A sign of things to come…

That moment was lifted directly from the story and it could potentially lead to some mysticism in the next season.

I also loved the characterization of Elektra. She’s beautiful, fun and unpredictable. One moment in particular is when Elektra is walking through Time’s Square and she gets cornered by some thugs and it doesn’t end too well for them…


No means No!

Overall, The Man Without Fear is a fantastic story from Frank Miller and he set the blueprint for gritty narratives and complex characterization. While Kingpin and Daredevil are kept apart, it made sense. This is a different spin on the origin story and it’s one of Miller’s best works ever. Highly recommended reading for newcomers.


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